Mobiloud WordPress Mobile App Plugin

Mobiloud mobile app development
The Mobiloud Mobile App Plugin seamlessly delivers content to mobile apps straight from your WordPress blog. Standard REST API calls expose your content and our free hosted service allows you to notify iOS users via push notifications (get your free account on

Grow traffic to your blog by entering the mobile app market and increase your revenue with mobile advertising solutions such as Admob or iAds and other monetisation opportunities.

Improve your users’ reading experience on mobile devices with responsive apps that make your content shine, now also when offline. Notify your readers with push notifications when new content is published and let them easily share articles they like via Facebook, Twitter and email, ensuring maximum exposure for your content.

You can use this plugin for your own apps (for more info write to Ben O’Brien at, or to learn about Mobiloud custom designed apps, get in touch at


Installation Instructions

1. Install the Mobiloud Mobile App Plugin either via the Plugin Directory, or by uploading the files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu on WordPress.

3. That’s it! Your WordPress blog is ready to start providing content to your Mobiloud app.


1. Is it free?
Yes, the Mobiloud Mobile App Plugin is free to use.

2. I have the plugin, what about the app?
Just as your blog or website should present your content through an identifiable design, it is important to ensure that your mobile app reflects the same look and feel. Mobiloud apps are designed and developed on an individual basis according to your design specifications and needs. More information on our service is available at

3. Can I use this plugin without a Mobiloud app?
Yes, you are free to use this plugin with any app. The Mobiloud plugin lets you use REST calls and provides JSON output to expose your blog’s content to any application. For documentation, refer to our website.

4. Can I use the push notification service with my app?
The push notification service offered is not exclusive to Mobiloud apps. You can request an account at We provide a free hosted service allowing you to send unlimited push notifications to iOS devices, subject to fair usage limits. Simple APIs allow you to connect to our remote service with a few lines of code.

5. I’ve found a bug, would like to provide feedback or have a suggestion.
You can contact us at

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